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ACE Research Awards 2014-15


“ Examining Survivors of Cancer and Physical Activity in Delaware (ESCAPADE): A Community-based participatory research approach”

  • Michael Mackenzie, Principal Investigator
  • Sean Hebbel, Co-Investigator

“Designing an approach for including youth with disabilities in the YTS”

  • Steven Martin, Principal Investigator
  • Eileen Sparling, Co-Investigator
  • Elizabeth Dubravcic, Co-Investogator

Projects in Development:

“A Community Based Participatory Research Approach to Assessing the Value of Community Health Workers in Delaware”

  • Brian Rahmer, Principal Investigator
  • Nora Katurakes, Co- Investigator
  • Elizabeth O'Neill, Co- Investigator

“A Community Village Approach”

  • La Vaida Owens-White, Principal Investigator
  • Brian Rahmer, Co- Investigator